Neu: Surveillance & Society zu Kunst und neuen Medien

Surveillance & Society

Vol 7, No 2 (2010) Surveillance, Performance and New Media Art
edited by John McGrath and Bob Sweeny

The relationship between the visual arts and surveillance has been explored through large scale exhibitions (CTRL:Space, ZKM), and texts such as Loving Big Brother (McGrath, 2004) have introduced questions of performance and performativity into the surveillance debate. However, as the technological possibilities available to artists grow, and the social impact of surveillance is increasingly recognized, there is a need for a thorough examination of the uses of surveillance in the visual arts, particularly in the genres of new media and performance art, where issues regarding technological engagement and embodiment come to the fore. This special issue of Surveillance & Society presents papers and works that examine the complexities of surveillance in new media and performance art. Several of the pieces are accompanied by further photogrpahic and video material.


  • Editorial – John McGrath / Robert Sweeny
  • Robert Ladislas Derr – Artist, Robert Ladislas Derr uses die rolls and cameras to map his walk through cities worldwide
  • Robert Spahr – Recent Thoughts on Panoptic Cruft (fragments) –
  • Paola Barreto Leblanc – From Closed-Circuit Television to the Open Network of Live Cinema –
  • Jordan Crandall – HOMEFRONT
  • Renata Moreira Marquez / Wellington Cançado Coelho – Myopia Index / Global Safari
  • Raul Gschrey – Contemporary Closed Circuits – Subversive Dialogues. Artistic Strategies against Surveillance
  • A Trialogue on Interventions in Surveillance Space: Seda Gürses in conversation with Michelle Teran and Manu Luksch
  • Andrea Mubi Brighenti – Artveillance: At the Crossroad of Art and Surveillance

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