Neues Buch: Security Games

Gerade ist das Buch Security Games. Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events erschienen – Herausgeber:  Colin Bennett, Kevin Haggerty.

Security Games: Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events addresses the impact of mega-events – such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup – on wider practices of security and surveillance. “Mega-Events” pose peculiar and extensive security challenges. The overwhelming imperative is that “nothing should go wrong.” There are, however, an almost infinite number of things that can “go wrong”; producing the perceived need for pre-emptive risk assessments, and an expanding range of security measures, including extensive forms and levels of surveillance.

Ein bestimmt lohnenswertes Buch zu einem wichtigen Thema angesichts der kommenden olympischen Spiel in London 2012 und der Fußball WM 2014 in Brasilien.

Mit dabei eine Reihe bekannter und geschätzter Kollegen.

  • Colin J. Bennett & Kevin Haggerty, Editorial Introduction;
  • 1. Stefanie Baasch, Event driven Security Policies and Spatial Control: The 2006 World Cup;
  • 2. Daniel Bernhard and Aaron Martin, Rethinking Security at the Olympics;
  • 3. Phillip Boyle, Knowledge Networks: Mega-Events and Security Expertise;
  • 4. Chiara Fonio and Giovanni Pisapia, The XX Winter Olympic Games: Torino 2006;
  • 5. Pete Fussey and John Coaffee, Olympic Rings of Steel: Constructing Security for 2012 and Beyond;
  • 6. Francisco Klauser, Commonalities and Specificities in Mega-Event Securitization: The Example of Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland;
  • 7. Adam Molnar and Lauren Snider, Mega-Events, Mega-Profits: Unpacking the Vancouver 2010 Security Development-Nexus
  • 8. Minas Samatas, Surveilling the 2004 Athens Olympics;
  • 9. Volcker Eick, Secure our Profits!: The FIFA in Germany 2006
  • 10. David Murikami Wood and Kiyoshi Abe, The Spectacle of Fear: Anxious Events and Contradictions of Contemporary Japanese Governmentality

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