Neue Ausgabe von Surveillance & Society

Surveillance & Society 8(4): Open Issue
Featuring a special debate section, with Colin Bennett, Pris Regan, John Gilliom, danah boyd and Felix Stalder discussing Bennet’s essay, In Defence of Privacy.


  • The Politics of Transparency and Surveillance in Post-Reunification Germany – Stefan Sperling
  • Surveillant staring: Race and the everyday surveillance of South Asian women after 9/11 – Rachel L Finn
  • Surveillance Cinema: Narrative between Technology and Politics – Catherine Zimmer
  • Digital Panopticism and organizational power – Jesper Taekke
  • A Conceptual Legal Framework for privacy, accountability and transparency in visual surveillance systems – Nick Taylor
  • Public-Private Partners Against Crime: Governance, Surveillance and the Limits of Corporate Accountability  – Karin Svedberg Helgesson

Coming Soon in June/July, our special issues on ‘A Global Surveillance Society?’

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