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Es ist zwar in England, findet aber bestimmt auch hier ein paar Fans.

Kiss Kiss Kill Kill: A Symposium on the Graphic Art and Forgotten Spy Films of Cold War Europe.

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield. 18-19 September 2010

Coinciding with the Kiss Kiss Kill Kill Exhibition, this 2-day, parallel strand symposium aims to bring together international scholars, critics, collectors, graphic artists and cinephiles to  explore the issues surrounding the European poster art and the European spy film between 1950-1985. The conference will explore the relationship between poster art, graphic design and espionage cinema during the Cold War, while providing an interdisciplinary forum for the development and appreciation of cult film, literature and the visual arts. The analysis of graphic art, poster design and rare film will consider ideas around, film archiving, marketing, European aesthetics, international audience reception, genre and state politics.

The symposium will also play host to rare film screenings with special guest appearances. Films secured for screening will include (TBC):

  • Danger Route (GB Holt 1968) – This screening of a rare 16mm print of Seth Holt’s magnificent low budget spy thriller made by Amicus will also include Q & A with leading actor, Richard Johnson.
  • The Ear aka Ucho (Kachyna CZ 1970) – A rare screening of the Czech masterpiece of state surveillance and paranoia, shelved for twenty years.
  • Se tutte le donne del mondo aka Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (Levin & Maiuri IT 1966). We are proud to present this Holy Grail classic Italian Eurospy title from a Tarantino-sought-after, super-rare 16mm print from the US.
  • Konec agenta W4C prostrednictvà m psa pana Foustky aka The End of Agent W4C (Vorlà cek CZ 1967) – This Czech fun spy spoof was made just prior to the austere Soviet Normalisation cultural programme initiated in1968 and has been buried ever since.

Keynote speakers include: Matt Blake (author, The Eurospy Guide 2004) Xavier Mendik (director, The Cult Film Archive, Brunel University) TBC

  • Genre motifs in European Spy Fiilms
  • European regional “difference” as visualized in the spy film
  • Espionage storiies as state propaganda
  • The handpainted traadition in film poster design
  • Jet-setting aand exotica an historical appraisal
  • EurEurospy Auteurs
  • Graphic Design and the Spy Fiilm Poster
  • The power of co-production in Euurope
  • Mainstream vs. Indie Spy film
  • Literature to Film Adaptation and Eurospy
  • The Kitsch and the Bombastic in Cold War Film and Poster Design
  • Utopian Imagery in Eastern Blocc filmmaking and posters
  • Lithography, off set litho and the art of printing in cinema advvertising
  • The European-ness of Eurospy
  • Identity, Gender and Sexuality in Eurospy
  • Supermen and Superwoman archetypes in the he Spy genre.
  • Trash Aesthetics of the Spy Fillm
  • The Lo tech/lo brow aesthetic in East Euuropean Poster Design

Abstracts (200–300 words) for twenty-minute papers as well as proposals for one and a half hour panels should be submitted as an email attachment to:  d.elliott (AT) by June 1st 2010.

Abstract should be sent in the following format:

Surname as the document title. (1) Title (2) Presenter(s) (3) Institutional affiliation (4) Email (5) Abstract. Panel proposals should include (1) Title of the panel (2) Name
and contact information of the chair (3) Abstracts of the presenters.
Presenters will be notified of acceptance by the end of June 2010


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