The tracked society

Im Journal New Media & Society gibt es ein special issue zum Thema “The Tracked Society: Interdisciplinary Approaches on Online Tracking“.

Das Inhaltsverzeichnis ist offen einsehbar (oder weiter unten), der Rest nur über Uni oder gegen Bares.

  • Infrastructures of tracking: Mapping the ecology of third-party services across top sites in the EU, Rasmus Helles, Stine Lomborg and Signe Sophus Lai
  • Chilling effects and the stock market response to the Snowden revelations, Mark Rosso, ABM Nasir and Mohsen Farhadloo
  • Vulnerability in a tracked society: Combining tracking and survey data to understand who gets targeted with what content, Nadine Bol, Joanna Strycharz, Natali Helberger, Bob van de Velde and Claes H de Vreese
  • Tracking sex: The implications of widespread sexual data leakage and tracking on porn websites, Elena Maris, Timothy Libert and Jennifer R Henrichsen
  • The emotive politics of digital mood tracking, Luke Stark
  • The practical and ethical challenges in acquiring and sharing digital trace data: Negotiating public-private partnerships, Johannes Breuer, Libby Bishop and Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda