Überwachung aus feministischer Sicht

Eine interessante Einlassung von Nicole Shephard, in der sie eine stärkere feministische Perspektive in der Forschung zu Überwachung einfordert.

Surveillance is woven into our everyday lives. While this in itself is not new, what we experience today differs in scale from, say, covert surveillance photos of suffragettes, tabs on unions and protesters during the Cold War era, or even the practices of the GDR’s Stasi.

While feminist work on surveillance is emerging academically as well as in activist circles, all too often feminist issues on the one hand, and discussions around privacy and surveillance on the other still feel like separate domains. What follows is my attempt at emphasising that thinking them together makes a lot of sense. (see: Nicole Shephard: 5 reasons why surveillance is a feminist issue)

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