Neue Ausgabe von Surveillance & Society

Volume 7  | Number 3/4
edited by Valerie Steeves and Owain Jones

unter anderem mit Artikeln von

  • Gary Marx and Valerie Steeves – ‘From the Beginning: Children as Subjects and Agents of Surveillance’
  • Angie C Henderson, Sandra M Harmon and Jeffrey Houser – ‘A New State of Surveillance? An Application of Michel Foucault to Modern Motherhood’
  • Anna Sparrman and Anne-Li Lindgren – ‘Visual documentation as a normalizing practice: a new discourse of visibility in preschool’
  • Micheal Gallagher – ‘Are schools panoptic?’
  • Mike McCahill and Rachel Finn – ‘The Social impact of Surveillance in Three UK Schools: Angels, Devils and Teen Mums’
  • Ian McIntosh, Samantha Punch, Nika Dorrer and Ruth Emond – ‘”You don’t have to be watched to make your toast”: Surveillance and Food Practices within Residential Care’
  • Lynne Wrennall – ‘Surveillance and Child Protection: De-mystifying the Trojan Horse’
  • Craig Osmond – ‘Anti-social behaviour and its surveillant inter-assemblage’
  • Tonya Rooney – ‘Trusting Children: How do surveillance technologies alter a child’s experience of trust, risk and responsibility?’

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