Autor J.G. Ballard ist gestorben

Wie es David M. Wood formuliert:

There’s only one piece of news that matters today: J.G. Ballard is dead.
Along with fellow ‘new wave’ science fiction writers like Brian Aldiss and Michael Moorcock, Ballard revolutionised the way British people saw ourselves, our present and our futures. He recognised that the real danger to society was not some distant dystopia, but a current and ongoing nightmare of consumer-driven ennui, a lethargic cultureless space of casual selfishness and lost ideals. Anticipating academics like Baudrillard and Marc Auge by some years, he saw the future in what Nairn called ’subtopia’: suburbs, industrial ruins, traffic islands, gated communities. He once said that the airport departure lounge was the apotheosis of western civilisation and its ultimate destination.

Der ganze Text steht auf seinem Blog notes from the ubiquitous suveillance society

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