Surveillance & Society on Resistance

New Issue Out Now: 6(3) Surveillance and Resistance guest edited by Laura Huey and Luis A. Fernandez.

Featuring great new articles…

  • David Bell – Surveillance is Sexy
  • Aaron K. Martin, Rosamunde E. van Brakel and Daniel J. Bernhard – Understanding resistance to digital surveillance: Towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-actor framework
  • Lucas D. Introna and Amy Gibbons – Networks and Resistance: Investigating online advocacy networks as a modality for resisting state surveillance
  • Helen Wells and David Wills – Individualism and Identity Resistance to Speed Cameras in the UK
  • Andrés Sanchez – Facebook Feeding Frenzy: Resistance-through-Distance and Resistance-through-Persistence in the Societied Network

With a special Review section on the UK House of Lords Constitution Committee Report, ‘Surveillance, Citizens and the State’, with responses by Oscar H. Gandy Jr. , N. Katherine Hayles, Katja Franko Aas and Mark Andrejevic

Opinion from Gary T. Marx , a poem from Rez Noir … and lots of book reviews!

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