Report: CCTV in Australien

The report Crime and CCTV in Australia: Understanding the Relationship will be publicly available 5th December 2006 as an e-publication.

Crime and CCTV in Australia: Understanding the Relationship (research methodology in brief).
The impact of CCTV on recorded crime in two Gold Coast suburbs (Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach) as well as selected QR Citytrain stations utilised police recorded crime in order to undertake time-series analysis to determine the effectiveness of CCTV. An observational study was undertaken in a Gold Coast control room to investigate the general control room operational practices, the monitoring strategies adopted, why monitoring was initiated, the types of incidents surveilled and the targets of surveillance. The survey research of QR commuters, Gold Coast residents and business traders was undertaken to ascertain the impact that CCTV has on the wider public and to gain information regarding people’s experiences with CCTV and their perceptions relating to privacy.

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