Special issue on – Policing the Crisis

Interessante neue Journal-Ausgabe von Kendra Briken und Volker Eick zum Thema Policing in der Krise.

“Urban Security Work Spaces: Policing the Crisis – Policing in Crisis” is out with Social Justice.

You can order the Special Issue either
via: SocialJust@aol.com or via: policing.crisis@gmail.com.

Social Justice, 38(1-2) at a glance:

  • Kendra Briken & Volker Eick on Policing the Crisis
  • Bernd Belina on Governing Crime Through Space
  • John Krinsky & Maud Simonet on Safeguarding Private Value in New York City
  • Jenny Künkel on Public-Private Security Provision in the Sex Industry
  • Marc Schuilenburg on Governance and the Rise of “Quasi-Criminal Law”
  • Nik Theodore on Policing and the Politics of Citizenship
  • John Manzo on The Practices of Private Security Officers
  • Kendra Briken on Suffering in Public? Doing Security in Times of Crisis
  • Volker Eick on Policing and Workfare
  • Massimiliano Mulone on Private and Public Policing
  • Ben Bowling & James Sheptycki on Policing Globopolis
  • Loïc Wacquant on Workfare and Prisonfare Revisited

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