Neues Buch: Surveillance and Democracy

Die Kollegen Minas Samatas von Kreta und Kevin Haggerty aus Alberta haben ein neues Buch herausgegeben:  “Surveillance and Democracy mit Kapiteln von David Lyon, Deborah Johnson ,Torin Monahan,  Michalis Lianos, Kirstie Ball, Lilian Mitrou, Minas Samatas, und anderen. Mehr Infos auf der Seite des Verlages. 

This collection represents the first sustained attempt to grapple with the complex and often paradoxical relationships between surveillance and democracy. Is surveillance a barrier to democratic processes, or might it be a necessary component of democracy? How has the legacy of post 9/11 surveillance developments shaped democratic processes? As surveillance measures are increasingly justified in terms of national security, is there the prospect that a shadow “security state” will emerge? How might new surveillance measures alter the conceptions of citizens and citizenship which are at the heart of democracy? How might new communication and surveillance systems extend (or limit) the prospects for meaningful public activism?

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