Neue Ausgabe von Surveillance & Society

New Issue Out Now!  Health, Medicine and Surveillance
– (edited by Sarah Earle, Pam Foley, Carol Komaromy, and Cathy E. Lloyd)

Featuring articles by:
– Martin A. French – Woven of War-Time Fabrics: The globalization of public health surveillance
РSusanne Bauer, Jan Eric Ols̩n РObserving the Others, Watching Over Oneself: Themes of medical surveillance in post-panoptic society
– Sarah Weibe – Producing Bodies and Borders: A review of immigrant medical examinations in Canada
– Cheryl Day – Does my bum look big in this? Reconsidering anorexia nervosa within the cultural context of 20th century Australia
– Mebbie Bell – ‘@ the doctor’s office’: Pro-anorexia and the medical gaze
– Emma Rich and Andy Miah – Prothetic Surveillance: The medical governance of healthy bodies in cyberspace

and lots of book reviews…

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