Billboards that look back.

The International Herald Tribune has an article about the latest in consumer research technology: Billboards that look back.

You thought you were looking at an advertisement, but in fact it is looking at you and scanning you for age, sex by way of biometric analysis – and race will be introduced as a feature soon

The goal, these companies say, is to tailor a digital display to the person standing in front of it – to show one advertisement to a middle-aged white woman, for example, and a different one to a teenage Asian boy.
“Everything we do is completely anonymous,” said Paolo Prandoni, the founder and chief scientific officer of Quividi, a two-year-old company based in Paris that is gearing up billboards here and abroad. Quividi and its competitors specifically target digital billboards, which tend to play short videos as advertisements

That is now, but what possibilities does that open – the Minority Report does ring a bell here.

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