Wenn man für die Fußfessel zahlen muss…

In seinem Artikel “Homeward Bound” erzählt der Autor Luke Martinez von seinem Erfahrungen mit der elektronischen Fußfessel. Eine vielsagende, interessante, wenn auch nicht neue, so doch eine Erfahrung aus erster Hand. Der Untertitel zeigt wohin die Reise geht: “With electronic home monitoring, the prisoner pays for her cell and becomes her own prison guard.”

Ultimately, my status as a first-time offender led to a sentence they saw as lenient: 180 days in county jail. Alongside the relief of only having to give up six months to a correctional facility, I was seized by terror. But the court advised me that I was eligible for home monitoring, if I could afford it. When the price (about $400 dollars a month) came up, my parents agreed to help me. I was blissfully unaware that prison had just colonized my home and life. While I was not going to prison, the prison system was still coming to me.

The New Inquiry, 22.3.2017: https://thenewinquiry.com/essays/homeward-bound/

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