Überwachung in Europa – neue Literatur aus der Forschung

Ein paar Kollegen aus ganz Europa haben im Journal of Contemporary European Research – Vol 9, No 1 (2013) eine Special Section mit Forschungsartikeln veröffentlicht.

Research Articles: Special Section

  • Introduction: Privacy and Surveillance Policy in a Comparative Perspective  
    Karl Löfgren, Michael Strange, Christel Backman
  • Mediating Surveillance: The Developing Landscape of European Online Copyright Enforcement Jon Bright, José R. Agustina
  • Ensuring Freedoms and Protecting Rights in the Governance of the Internet: A Comparative Analysis on Blocking Measures and Internet Providers’ Removal of Illegal Internet Content Katalin Parti, Luisa Marin
  • A Comparative Analysis of Privacy Impact Assessment in Six Countries
    David Wright, Rachel Finn, Rowena Rodrigues
  • Blurring the Line between Law Enforcement and Intelligence: Sharpening the Gaze of Surveillance? Ales Zavrsnik

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