Erfolg durch Kundenschüffelei – Tescos Clubcard

Der englische Supermarktgigant Tesco gibt Auskunft warum ihre Kundenkarte “Clubcard” so erfolgreich ist. 13 Millionen Kunden kaufen jede Woche in den Supermärkten der Kette ein – in England und rund um die Welt – und hinterlassen 5 Millarden Datenschnipsel, die dann von der zu Tesco gehörenden Datenverarbeitungsfirma Dunnhumby analysiert und im Hinblick auf Vermarktungsaspekte ausgewerten wird. Dabei sind die Verantwortlichen bei Tescos äußertst offenherzig.

“The joy of our sample is that it is so large, and because Tesco is so representative of the country it is the best source of insight a supplier can get.”

Ãœber Datenschutz und andere mögliche Probleme macht sich Tesco keine Gedanken – eher scheinen sie zumindest offiziell an die Wohltaten ihrer Karte nicht nur für den Supermarkt selbst zu glauben.

Martin Hayward, who has been director of consumer strategy and futures at Dunn-humby for the past two years, settles down in his chair in his small office around the corner from the lifts. “We use your purchasing behaviour to create a picture of the kind of person you are,” he explains, looking – in a pink shirt with the top buttons undone – far more like a media executive than a stats-man. “We often liken what Dunnhumby does to standing in the queue at the checkout. You are looking at someone’s shopping, you know, and you’re thinking, ‘Good God, you’re not going to last very long!’” He laughs, apparently imagining a conveyor belt loaded with junk food. “What we do at Dunnhumby is the same, just on a larger scale.”Using Clubcard data, Dunnhumby can tell that you have a new baby, or that your children have left home. It can judge your social class and knows whether you are a good cook. It also gives Tesco clues about what it could sell more of – and to whom.

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