Workshop zu Techno-Security

Ein cfp für eine interessante Tagung in Bielfeld.

Tracking, Targeting, Predicting.  Epistemological, Ontological, and Biopolitical Dimensions of Techno-Security

Department of Media Studies, University of Paderborn, 20-22nd June 2013. Die Frist ist zwar abgelaufen, aber vielleicht gibt es ja noch M̦glichkeiten Рansonsten ist die Tagung auch so interessant.

Please send your abstract of 500 words + references to no later than December, 31st 2012. For further questions please contact Katrin M. Kämpf and Göde Both at

Tracking, targeting, predicting: These are basic components of the  current high-tech military logic in the countries of the global North.  Strong, ubiquitous ICT-based networks, manned and unmanned systems are used to control and monitor area-wide and over huge distances 24 hours   a day to reach a ‘globespanning dominance based on a nearmonopoly of  space and air power’ (Graham). The Information Revolution in Military Affairs is based on the intertwinement of information sovereignty, technological superiority and the close networking of intelligence, command centers and weapon technologies.

The aim of the workshop is to analyze closely the logic of  techno-security in its military and / or civil aspects as well as their possible entanglements.

Relevant questions are:

  • What are the ontological, epistemological and biopolitical  dimensions of today’s techno-security, of the growing convergence of  recent sociotechnologies of surveillance and warfare?
  • What role do technoscientific methods such as real time system  analysis, scenario techniques, or computer simulations play in the logic of techno-security?
  • How do technoscientific / biocybernetic approaches conjoin with biopolitical militarized practices — for example, in operating unpredictability and in their attempt to model the future?
  • What is the impact of techno-(in)securities on everyday practices? Do we experience a militarization of civil life, the civilization ofwar, a ‘militarization of visual culture’ (Kaplan)?
  • What are gendered dimensions of techno-security? Does techno-security contribute to social sorting in terms of gender, race, age, ability?
  • (How) Are the ‘politics of fear’ (Massumi), the (game) culture of tracking/targeting, and the ‘entrepreneurial self’ (Bröckling) interwoven?
  •  Additional submissions are encouraged that address further questions concerning the discourses and practices of techno-security in civil and / or military contexts.

Keynote speakers: Caren Kaplan, University of California Davis, USA;  Stefan Kaufmann, University of Freiburg, Germany; Lucy Suchman,  Lancaster University, UK.

Conference Committee: Stefan Kaufmann, University of Freiburg, Germany; Anna Leander, Copenhagen Business School, DK; Winifred R. Poster, Washington University, St. Louis, USA; Lucy Suchman, Lancaster
University, UK; Peter Ullrich, Social Science Research Center Berlin, Germany; Jutta Weber, University of Paderborn, Germany

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