Yet more security in Durban

As the conference is moving forwards, we learned more about security issues in Durban. Two tours brought us to see the control rooms of the city’s own CCTV system and it cameras scattered all around town – and to that of the Suncoast casino’s… a highly efficient and very professional surveillance system that leaves little left to wish for… what I found a little disturbing though was the sign at the entrance to the casino.. not so much for the casino but for the general atmosphere in Durban or South Africa for that matter.


Our little group got to see a lot and was welcomed in both places. While the Casino had a clear objective and strict procedures for watching as well as for the work of its employees – the ones that are being watched in the first place, as theft and fraud by staff ranks among the most prominent incidents – the city’s CCTV system seemed to be operating as they go. They watch out for incidents in particular areas, and also have some patterns they watch out for, but it seems to me that the system itself does not better the siutation in the city to a great extent…


CCTV in Durban is a tool for the police to help in their daily work on the street… it will not defer nor prevent crime or make any area more safe… aspects of social sorting are obvious as most cameras are around car parks, business and shopping streets ans tourist spots – which are also deemed to be hot spots given the opportunities that are emerging at these places…

some impressions from the session itself will follow later..

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