Anti-Doping, Privacy, Surveillance

Die Vorträge von der Play the Game 2017 aus dem Panel zu Anti-Doping Überwachung bzw. Privacy.


  • Benjamin Bendrich: Extended Athletes’ Rights – A Necessary Power Shift in Elite Sport
  • Daniel Westmattelmann: Money Matters: The Impact of Prize Money on Doping Behavior – An Agent-based Analysis
  • Nils Zurawski & Marcel Scharf: Negotiating privacy. Athletes assessment and knowledge of the ADAMS
  • Paulina Tomczyk: Study of European National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO) Reporting Practices
  • Marc Wonneberger: Participation of Athletes by Means of Digital Tools in the Context of Anti-Doping
  • Mike McNamee: Why we should not GPS tag athletes for anti doping purposes

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