Überwachung und Kriminalitätkontrolle

Die neueste Ausgabe des Journals  Theoretical Criminology ist eine Sondernummer zum Thema “Theorizing Surveillance in Crime Control”. Autoren und Themen klingen interessant – leider nicht frei erhältlich, aber über Uni-Bibilotheken sicherlich.

Aus dem Inhalt

  • Kevin Haggerty, Dean Wilson and Gavin J.D. Smith, “Theorizing Surveillance in Crime Control: Editor’s Introduction”
  • Tyler Wall and Torin Monahan “Surveillance and Violence from Afar: The Politics of Drones and Liminal Security-Scapes”
  • Dawn Moore “The Benevolent Watch: Therapeutic Surveillance in Drug Treatment Court”
  • Hille Koskela “Hijackers and humble servants: Individuals as camwitnesses in contemporary controlwork”
  • Aaron Doyle “Revisiting the Synopticon: Reconsidering Mathiesen’s ‘The Viewer Society’ in the Age of Web 2.0”
  • Michael Welch “Counterveillance: How Foucault and the Groupe d’Informationsur les Prisons Reversed the Optics”
  • Ibrahim Alhadar, Michael McCahill “The Use of Surveillance Cameras in a Riyadh Shopping Mall: Protecting Profits or Protecting Morality?”
  • Katja Franko Aas “’Crimmigant’ Bodies and Bona Fide Travelers: Surveillance, Citizenship and Global Governance

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