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US-Militär hinterlässt “spy rocks” in Afghanistan

Wired berichtet über sogenannte “spy rocks”, kleine Überwachungsminen, die das US-Militär in Afghanistan hinterlässt und die möglicherweise noch bis zu mehrere Jahre aktiv sind.

Palm-sized sensors, developed for the American military, will remain littered across the Afghan countryside — detecting anyone who moves nearby and reporting their locations back to a remote headquarters. Some of these surveillance tools could be buried in the ground, all-but-unnoticeable by passersby. Others might be disguised as rocks, with wafer-sized, solar-rechargeable batteries that could enable the sensors’ operation for perhaps as long as two decades, if their makers are to be believed.

And they won’t just be used overseas. US Customs and Border Patrol today employs more than 7,500 UGSs on the Mexican border to spot illegal migrants.