Texte von Gary T. Marx

Hier findet ihr ein paar neue Texte von Gary T. Marx. Lohnen tut sich der eine oder andere bestimmt.

“Your Papers Please”: Personal and Professional Encounters With Surveillance in D. Lyon, K. Ball and K. Haggerty (eds.) International Handbook of Surveillance Studies, Routledge, forthcoming – http://web.mit.edu/gtmarx/www/survhandbook.html

“Foreword: Privacy is Not Quite Like the Weather” in D. Wright and P. de Hert,  Privacy Impact Assessment, Springer, forthcoming – http://web.mit.edu/gtmarx/www/forewordnotlikeweather.html

“Agents Provocateurs as a Type of Faux Activist” in Snow, D. Della Porta, D., Klandermans, B. and McAdam, D. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements. Blackwell, forthcoming  – http://web.mit.edu/gtmarx/www/agentsprovocateursfaux.html

“In Gratitude: The Right Chemistry, Timing, Place and Organization” – Remarks on 5 decades of research, mentoring and teaching on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for the Study of Social Problems, Las Vegas, 2011.   http://web.mit.edu/gtmarx/www/sssp.html

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