Ãœberall Kameras – für die Menschenrechte

Der Bericht gibt Auskunft darüber, wie Kameras effektiv für Menschenrechte genutzt werden können. Mal ein anderer Ansatz…

WITNESS’ Cameras Everywhere aims to ensure that the thousands of people using video for human rights can do so as effectively, safely and ethically as possible. This report is based on discussions with over 40 senior experts and practitioners in technology and human rights. It presents a roadmap to emerging trends in policy and practice at the intersection of human rights, technology, social media, and business. Cameras Everywhere goes on to make specific recommendations on how important players in the new human rights landscape can take specific, manageable steps to strengthen the practical and policy environments for human rights video, and other information and communication technologies (ICTs) used for human rights.

Cameras Everywhere Report 2011

Fragen nach dem function creep sowie der eventuellen Gradwanderung zwischen Widerstand, Menschenrechten und neuer sozialer Kontrolle sind hier bestimmt angebracht. Mal sehen.

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