Reports: CCTV and Identity Theft

1. ACLU-Report und Wired-Artikel

Under the Watchful Eye, a new report issued by the California ACLU affiliates, examines the justifications for and consequences of this dramatic expansion in government video surveillance of public space at the local level.

2. Report des National Institute of Justice (USA) on Identitiy Theft

Identity theft has become perhaps the defining crime of the information age, with an estimated 9 million or more incidents each year.[1] Publicity regarding severe cases of identity theft in the print and electronic media and portrayal of the risk of identity theft in a number of effective television commercials have raised public awareness about identity theft. Arguably, however, few persons are aware of the complexities of the many issues involved with this crime, which is really a large set of fraudulent activities ranging in size from minor swindles to major crimes using stolen identities. These fraudulent actions are perpetrated by a broad spectrum of offenders, from family members to shadowy, international criminal gangs.

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